Upcoming Auditions

Jesus Christ Superstar

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber 

Lyrics by Tim Rice

Directed by Geoffrey Short

Musical Direction by Anthony Campisi 

Choreography by Daniel Nohrden



Wednesday January 3rd 6;30p-10p 

Thursday January 4th 6:30p-10p 

Call-Backs Friday January 5th 6:30p-10p


Show dates: 

4 weeks from February 23rd, 2018 – March 18, 2018 

4 shows per week; Fridays and Saturdays at 8p; Saturdays and Sundays at 2p 

Rehearsals are M-Th 6:30p-10p and Sundays 2p-6p beginning January 8th, 2018 

Not all cast will be required at all rehearsals.


All rehearsals and performances at 

Susan B. Katz Theatre at the River of Grass Arts Park 

17195 Sheridan Street
Pembroke Pines, FL 33331 

This is a non-equity production.  Participation is on a volunteer basis. Ages 14 and up please. 

Please bring a headshot and resume.  No appointments necessary.  All roles are available.  The director is dedicated to color-blind and non-traditional casting.  All colors, sizes, shapes are encouraged to audition.  

Please prepare a minimum of 16 bars of a contemporary musical theatre song.  Please bring sheet music in the proper key. Accompanist will be provided. Please avoid recorded accompaniment. 

There will be a movement/dance call. Please be prepared for movement.  

Relax and have fun!  This team is all about creating a supportive, creative and fun atmosphere! 


About this production: 

Jesus Christ Superstar tells the story of biblical Jesus in the final days leading up to his crucifixion. A rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, the musical has no spoken dialogue and is sometimes considered a modern rock-opera. Loosely based on the Gospels, Superstar focuses on the personal conflicts between Jesus, his disciples, the people of Israel, and the leadership of Rome. The musical focuses on both Judas’ struggle making the decision to betray Jesus and Jesus’ human psychology, fear, and anger in understanding and accepting his role as both leader and martyr. The show is a product of its era, permeated with 1970’s rock, gospel, folk and funk themes, modern language and colloquialisms, and high-energy dance numbers. 

This production of Jesus Christ Superstar is a modern exploration of provoking, challenging questions based on events of the last week in the life of Jesus Christ - questions that are timeless and can apply to our society today.  What happens when a charismatic leader whose influence and popularity has spawned a growing social movement viewed as a threat by the established power structure?  What happens when that Leader is ultimately brought down by one of his closest followers who fears the movement will lead to death and violence? Themes of Faith vs. Doubt, Faithfulness vs. Betrayal, Popularity and Power collide into a central question: What would you do if you believed your closest friend, your idol, your MESSIAH and all your fellow followers had lost sight of the mission you thought you had in common and instead was a leading a movement that could cause the deaths of many? 

This production will be told through the lens of a swirling collage of modernistic images and rock music forming a Rock-N-Roll Passion Play in a contemporary, symbolic and timeless setting reflective of our society's idolization of messianic personalities and power struggles. 



Jesus - Tenor 

Judas - Tenor 

Mary Magdalene – Mezzo-Soprano 

Caiaphas - Bass 

Annas - Tenor 

Pontius Pilate - Baritone 

King Herrod - Tenor  

Peter (Apostle) - Tenor 

Simon Zealotes (Apostle) - Tenor 

9 additional Apostles (male or female) 

Ensemble of approx. 13 men and women